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Wearable tech - Wearable tech

Wearable tech – device securement

Looking for an adhesive solution for a wearable device? From concept phase through material selection, design, production, packaging and delivery; With our process development expertise, we support our customers in developing innovative and unique products. Read more...

We are dedicated to supply only high quality products to match our customers specifications and tolerances with a level of services that meets their most demanding requirements.

Skin is a difficult surface to adhere to. It's an elastic, rough surface that is not flat. Contaminates like oils, moisture, hair, follicles and dirt can be present. To meet these challenges we offer stick to skin adhesive solutions like silicone, acrylic, rubber and hydrocolloid tested to ISO 1099s standards.

Also available are products with perforated or differential adhesives, for example a double sided product with a silicone adhesive on one side and acrylic adhesive on the other. We are able to tailor a product, using all different kinds of products like, foams, nonwovens, PU films etc.

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